Water Administration

The Jonesborough Town Recorder oversees the billing and record keeping aspects of the Jonesborough Water System. Accounting staff keep billing and usage data covering numerous years for each meter account. Water and sewer bills can be paid by credit card or by bank draft. Changes in the account name must be made by contacting the Water Office at Jonesborough's Town Hall and completing the required paperwork. The office can be reached at 423.753.1040. If you need to establish new service you may fill out the application HERE and bring it to Town Hall to pay the fee.


Billing and Payment 

Customers will be billed monthly, and the time of the month depends on the meter route. The town's automated water/sewer billing system will automatically send out a bill each month for every account while service is active. Bills are sent to the billing address established when the Request for Water Service is made at Town Hall. Customers are responsible for paying their monthly bill whether or not a bill has been received in the mail. Any customer who feels their bill is late for some reason should contact the Water Office at Town Hall 423.753.1040.


Online Payment and Inquiry services are now available for utility and property tax payments and questions. (You can only pay 2015  and 2016 taxes online. If you owe prior to 2015, please contact the Recorder's office at 423.753.1040 for payment instructions. If you do use this service to pay taxes prior to 2015, your payment will be refunded LESS the credit card fees.) CLICK HERE to pay utility bills and/or taxes online.


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Bank Draft Services are now available for water, sewer, and garbage customers.  The Town of Jonesborough will work with your bank to automatically draft either your checking or savings account to pay your bill.  To become a bank draft customer, please follow these steps:



    1. Print and complete the BANK DRAFT AUTHORIZATION FORM
    2. You will need a VOID check if you wish drafting from your checking account or a VOID savings/deposit withdrawal slip if you wish drafting from your savings account.
    3. Deliver or mail items 1 & 2 to the Jonesborough Water Department in Town Hall. (Address is on the form.)  


You can select multiple water/sewer bills to be drafted from the same bank account. Complete a form for each account you want to pay by draft. Once the bank drafting is in effect, the message "Auto Draft on (Date)" will appear on your monthly bill. The amount of your bill will be drafted on the due date printed on your monthly bill. If you change banks, please contact our office immediately in order to prevent a delay in the drafting process.


The Town hopes you will take advantage of this convenient way of paying your water, sewer and garbage bill. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the Jonesborough Water Department at  423.753.1040 or visit our office in Town Hall at 123 Boone Street. Important Reminders:  Please continue to pay your monthly bill until your bill states "Auto Draft on (Date)".  If there is a change in your bank, please contact the Water Department immediately.


Hand-Up Program

The Jonesborough Water Departemnt has partnered with United Way to extend the Hand-Up Program to Jonesborough Water Customers.  This program provides the opportunity for customers to choose to add a $1.00, $2.00 or $5.00 donation to their water bill each month as a donation to assist someone in dire need with the payment of their water bill. One hundred (100%) of the money donated by customers is sent to United Way to be included in their Hand-Up Fund that helps people in need. United Way works with Good Samaritan and the Salvation Army for the determination of who gets assistance. The form to donate can be downloaded HERE and turned in at Town Hall.


Irrigation Meters 

Residents within Jonesborough's city limits are charged water and sewer meter readersfees. Any Town resident wishing to use water for landscaping and irrigation only can purchase an irrigation meter at the Recorder's Office at Town Hall and will not be charged sewer fees. The resident, however, must be able to show that water use through the irrigation meter is in no way connected to the household or the sewer system.


Estimated Bills 

Water/Sewer bills that are estimated are rare and only occur due to extremely bad weather or equipment failure. Bills that are estimated are labeled "estimated" on the bill information sent out.


Water/Sewer Rates 

The water and sewer rates are established by the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen. These rates are normally set every July 1 at the beginning of the Town's fiscal year. However, rates can be adjusted at any time of the year by the Jonesborough Town Board. Click HERE for Water and Sewer Rates


Water Tap Fees 

Water tap fees vary depending on the size of the meter installed. Normal households are served by a ¾ inch meter. Fees for this size meter within the Jonesborough corporate limits are currently $1000, and $1500 for outside the Jonesborough town limits. Click HERE to get a complete fee schedule for all size meters inside and outside of the Town limits.


Sewer usage and billing 

Sewer charges are based on the amount of water used over a monthly billing period.  The sewer rates are based on the actual cost to the Town of Jonesborough to operate and maintain the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Collection System, and Pump Stations. 


Sewer Tap Fees

Sewer tap fees vary depending on various aspects. Single Dwelling households are served by a 4 inch tap. Fees for this size tap within the Jonesborough corporate limits are currently $2000.00, and an additional $25.00 inspection fee. Click HERE to get a complete fee schedule for all types of taps inside and outside of the Corporate Limits.


Cut-offs By Request 

Requests to discontinue water service must be made by the person(s) whose name is on the account, and must be made to the Water Office at Town Hall. The account will be billed for water usage up to the point the meter has been taken out of service.


Cut-offs For Non-Payment 

The Jonesborough Water and Sewer Systems operates with a strict process of cut-offs for non-payment. Customers whose water service is disconnected because of non-payment must pay a penalty charge of $40 in addition to the water bill previously due. After water service has been discontinued, full payment must be received by 3 pm in order to have water service restored the same day payment is made.


Water Theft - Important Notice 

After water service has been cut-off by the Town for nonpayment, any action to restore water service without payment or without a written authorization from the Town shall be considered water theft and is subject to prosecution. The person(s) under which the account is listed shall be held responsible and accountable for any unauthorized tampering of the meter or any unauthorized connection to the Town's water transmission lines.



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