Wastewater Collection and Treatment


The Town of Jonesborough's Environmental Services Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Collection System, and Pump Stations inside corporate limits and select adjacent areas of Washington County.   Environmental Services Director Cobern Rasnick can be reached at 423.753.1022. The Jonesborough Wastewater Department has been making vast improvements in its infrastructure, operations, and customer service. This could not have happened without the hard work of all Wastewater Department employees and staff.


The Jonesborough Wastewater Department is dedicated to providing safe and effective treatment of sewer waste generated from properties within the Town of Jonesborough and select adjacent areas in Washington County, and to return the effluent resulting from quality treatment back into the Nolichucky River while not impacting the water quality of the river.


The Assistant Environmental Services Director is Dwight Rasnick and he can be reached at 423.753.1090. The Department Office is located off W. Main Street at 101 Britt Drive close to Little Limestone Creek and the railroad.


NPDES Permit 

The Town of Jonesborough currently operates under a 1,000,000 gallons per day permit to discharge treated water from the Wastewater Treatment Facility into the Nolichucky River. 


Wastewater Treatment Plant 

The WWTP was recently expanded and now consists of the following:

  • A New Headworks that removes trash, plastics and grit from incoming wastewater.

  • Two new 500,000 gallons per day Oxidation Ditches for a total treatment capacity of 1 million gallons per day.
  • Two new clarifiers that assist in the separation of solids from the clear effluent that is additionally treated and pumped to the Nolichucky River. 
  • Two  250,000 gallon (each) Schreiber Treatment basins that feature both treatment basins and clarifiers in the same structure. Note: The  Schreiber Basins can be used for Equalization Basins to capture high sewer flows due to inclement weather, additional clarifiers to increase sludge treatment, or as treatment basins and clarifiers if one of the new oxidation ditches needs to be shut down for repairs or cleaning. One of the Schreiber Units has been retrofitted to function as a Digester increasing the sludge removal capabilites of the facility.
  • One large digester that allows the removal of sludge.
  • One small "day Tank" that thickens sludge before going to a centrifuge.
  • The centrifuge building that dewaters sludge so it can be landfilled.




Sewer Service Required 

Residents within the city limits of the Town of Jonesborough are expected to connect to the Town’s sewer system if their structure is within 500 feet of the Town’s sewer system. Existing Septic Tank systems within the Town of Jonesborough may be exempt from connecting to the collection system If the home owner can demonstrate the system being used is in proper working order. These approved septic tanks can be serviced by the Wastewater Department.  Sewer Service will be billed in these instances to cover maintenance costs. Sewer Line Extension Policy dated June 2016 can be found HERE.


Irrigation Water Taps 

Households on the Jonesborough Sewer System may purchase a separate irrigation meter in which the billing is based solely on water usage and no sewer charge, if the customer can show there is no possible connection to the house or the Town’s sewer system.


Sewer Tap Fees 

Sewer tap fees vary depending on various aspects. Single Dwelling households are served by a 4-inch tap. Fees for this size tap within the Jonesborough corporate limits are currently $2000.00, and an additional $25.00 inspection fee. Click HERE to get a complete fee schedule for all types of taps inside and outside of the Corporate Limits.


Sewer Extension Policy

Click HERE for Sewer Extension Policy dated June 2016.


Backflow Preventors 

Households on gravity sewer service are encouraged to install back flow preventers at the point of connection of the household sewer service line with the Town sewer system. Unless the Town is shown to be negligent in the manner in which it maintains sewer collection lines or an individual household connection, the Town will not pay for damages due to sewer back-up into a business or residence.


Sewer Back-up Insurance 

Homeowners insurance that covers damage from sewer back-up can be obtained from a number of insurance carriers. Property owners are encouraged to include sewer back-up coverage in their homeowner’s policy.


Sewer Rates 

Sewer service is billed based on water usage, and the sewer rate is 1.25 times the water rate. 


Sewer Problems 

Problems in sewer service can be reported to  the Jonesborough Department wastewatersmRof Environmental

Services 423.753.1022 during normal working hours from 7 am to 4 pm on weekdays. Sewer problems can also be reported to Town Hall, 423.753.1031, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Problems with sewer from the house or structure to the Town’s sewer collection line are the responsibility of the home or property owner. Owners must be able to show the evidence that any blockage is in the Town’s line and not the owner’s sewer line.


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