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The department is currently  looking for additional Personnel that would like to join the Reserve Officer Program. Applications may be picked up at town hall for those interested in becoming a Reserve Officer. Additional information about the program can be obtained by calling the office of Chief Ron Street at 423.753.1053. See below for information about the Police Reserves.



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 Mission Statement


The mission of the Jonesborough Department of Public Safety is to ensure a safe and secure environment in Jonesborough for all persons by providing professional law enforcement and fire protection through responsive, courteous, caring, and dedicated service, while practicing our core values of integrity, respect, and fairness.


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RonStreetsmRon Street, recently named the Town of Jonesborough Police Chief has lived in Jonesborough for 24 years. Chief Street was previously with the Johnson City Police Department for 30 years and retired in 2003 after serving 13 years as Chief of Police. Ron Street then served as Chief Deputy of the Carter County Sheriff's office for 8 years and in November of 2016 joined the Town of Jonesborough Public Safety Department as the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police serves on a number of professional boards and community organizations and is responsible for the entire police department operations.  Major This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is second in commmand and is the agency's Operations Major and the department Investigator. Additionally there is an Administrative Major who is responsible for property, records and communication functions of the department, as well as the enforcement of town ordinances. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. can be reached by calling 423.753.1053

Police Deptsm



The Jonesborough Police Department consists of seventeen sworn officers, all of which are certified through the Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission. Daily operations are directed by Police Chief Ron Street, who directs two Police Majors and four Patrol Sergeants supervising four, three-person patrol shifts. The department has one Criminal Investigator and an officer dedicated to code enforcement serving on a daily basis throughout the week.


Click HERE for Frequent Violations.  All sworn police personnel are Public Safety Officers (PSOs) and are cross-trained as firefighters in addition to police academy training. PSOs respond to all fires within the Town’s corporate limits as needed to assist the Fire Division in suppression efforts.



All Jonesborough Police Officers are required to be trained as firefighters in addition to their police training. Officers carry firefighting gear and first responder firefighting equipment in their police vehicles. In addition to their on-going fire training, officers are required to successfully complete a minimum 40 hours of state approved in-service training each year in order to maintain their police certification.


Municipal Code

The Town of Jonesborough collects and administrates town ordinances, which govern various aspects of the town operations, as part of the Jonesborough Municipal Code. Copies of the code are available for inspection or review during normal business hours 8 am – 5 pm, Monday - Friday, at Town Hall, 123 Boone Street in Jonesborough. The Municipal Code may also be downloaded HERE.  


dispatchsmDispatchers answer the phones at Town Hall twenty-four hours/day. Dispatchers are highly trained and certified. After 5 pm, calls to the Water and Wastewater Departments, Animal Control, and Town Administration are also handled by the Dispatchers and they will contact the appropriate town staff as needed for problems such as water or sewer leaks, nuisance animals, dangerous road conditions, fallen trees, etc. Residents should call 9-1-1 in the event of a public safety emergency. However the business line for the Department of Public Safety is 423.753.1053.


The Dispatch Division utilizes modern technology in providing professional service to its citizens. In-coming phone lines are recorded and have immediate play-back capability in the event the Dispatcher cannot understand the caller. The same feature is utilized with all of our communications to PSOs and firefighters.


The Division also utilizes the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) through the Tennessee dispatch2smBureau of Investigations (TBI) TIES inlet. This system allows the agency to enter and check for missing persons, stolen property, vehicle owner and drivers license information, as well as providing updated information regarding dangerous weather conditions or matters of Homeland Security. Dispatch is also responsible for entering incident reports filed by the PSOs in the Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System (TIBRS). These reports are forwarded to the TBI monthly and are used to track crime within our corporate limits.


The Dispatch Division utilizes a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) program. The CAD system assists officers being dispatched to a particular location and can warn of certain dangers to the responding officers at specific locations.


The Division also administers the "Are You Okay" program for elderly and house-bound residents of Jonesborough.  Elderly individuals who are shut in or live alone and who live within Jonesborough's corporate limits are eligible to participate in the "Are You Okay" Program. Each person in the program is contacted each day by a Dispatcher. The Dispatcher inquires as to whether the individual is okay. In the event contact cannot be made, an officer is dispatched to make contact with the individual. We keep emergency contact information to notify the proper people if a problem occurs. For more information 423.753.1053



The Records Office is open during normal business hours 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday at Town Hall, 123 Boone Street in Jonesborough.  In an effort to better serve our residents, incident reports and accident reports are mailed to the vicitms of crime or to individuals involved in accidents.  Reports are also mailed to property owners who sustain damage to their property as a result of an accident.


If an individual wishes to obtain a copy of their report, they should contact the Administrative Assistant at 423.753.1053 in order to ensure the report is available for release.


 Police Programs

Police K-9 Programbailoutsm

K 9 2014Jonesborough has two officers issued working dogs trained as K-9 officers that are certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association (N.A.P.W.D.A.). Two K-9 vehicles have state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for proper care and protection of our animals, including an automatic backdoor opener that allows the officer to get assistance from the K-9. K-9s are currently certified as Patrol Dog II, trained in pursuit and restraint, as well as tracking and drug detection. Dogs are owned by the Department and the town provides all food and veterinary care. The canine handlers go through an intense certification process and must re-certify annually.


Drug Drop BoxDrugBoxsm

Working in partnership with Olde Towne Pharmacy and the Medicine Shoppe, the Jonesborough Police Department provides a Drug Drop Box as a safe means of disposal for expired, unwanted, and unused medications. The Police Department also conducts Drug Collection Events several times a year with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the ETSU College of Pharmacy. This is part of an ongoing and collaborative effort to restrict the availability of prescription medications within the community by environmentally safe means.


Child Protection Program

The Police Department has initiated a child protection program in which we provide fingerprinting services and an identification kit to parents in order to help facilitate the location of lost or missing children. 


Jonesborough Police Reserves

Jonesborough operates a Police Reserve Program that allows volunteers from the area to provide community service to Jonesborough residents by assisting with the Police Department operation. Police Reserve Officers are selected through a rigorous screening process, and go through much of the same training as regular officers. Some Reserve Officers are police academy trained but it is not a requirement. Reserve officers operate under the direct supervision of one of the regular officers and have limited scope of authority. However, the Reserve Officers are a vital component of Jonesborough's ability to safely and efficiently carryout a year-round program of festivals and events. Reserve Officer applications and a listing of standards can be obtained from the Public Safety Department.



The department is currently  looking for additional Personnel that would like to join the Reserve Officer Program. Applications may be picked up at town hall for those interested in becoming a Reserve Officer . Additional information about the program can be obtained by calling the office of Chief Ron Street  at 423.753.1053. 


R.A.D. for Women rad-logo
R.A.D. stands for Rape Aggression Defense and is a nationally recognized self defense program. This program is for women age fourteen to senior. Certified officers teach women how to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim and what to do in the event of an attack. The course is completed with three rounds of simulation that encourages women to utilize what they have learned.

R.A.D. for Kids
R.A.D. stands for Resisting Aggression Defensively and is a nationally recognized self defense program for kids age three to thirteen, male and female. The classes are age appropriate and cover self defense, how to protect yourself from a bully, dog bite, as well as the correct way to ride your bike and more.


Christmas Shop with a Jonesborough Cop 

The “Christmas Shop with a Jonesborough Cop/Firefighter” program began in 2009. This program is conducted by numerous departments across the nation and is designed to benefit underprivileged children at Christmas time. This program also allows for children to interact with police and firefighters in a positive setting. The program is donation-based and has been a huge success. To donate to this program, please call 423.753.1053.


Bike Patrol

The department maintains 2 bicycles for police use. The bicycles are primarily used for town special events and parks to ensure a faster response in case of an emergency. Officers are certified and trained to ride in crowds, negotiating obstacles, and in criminal apprehension. 









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